Università di Torino

Dipartimento di Matematica

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Torino has scheduled a series of conferences, called Lezioni Lagrangiane within its research project

Towards an efficient diffusion
of innovative mathematical results

The Lezioni Lagrangiane aim to explore recent scientific progresses and future developments on subjects related to Complexity in different fields of Mathematics and are targeted to a public that can be wide, but with sufficient knowledge in mathematical sciences. The invited lecturers are mathematicians well known for their communicative skills, for a high scientific level and undoubtful international prestige. Each lecture material is published in an ordinary issue of Rendiconti as first paper.
LEZIONE 23 Nov 2005
D. Bini
Metodi numerici per catene di Markov
LEZIONE 10 May 2005
A. Cellina
A view on differential inclusions
vol.63, no.3  (2005)  p. 197-210  [ ps ] [ pdf ]
LEZIONE 20 Oct 2004
F. Brezzi
Metodi agli elementi finiti discontinui
vol.62, no.2  (2004)  p.87-106   [ ps ] [ pdf ]